Tombstone Lakes
An overnight into the tombstone lakes campground off highway 40.

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The first day, we just hiked in to the campground and set up.
On the second day we made a side trip over to the Tombstone lakes themselves, and then headed back.
Due to some navigational issues, and less-than-ideal weather, this trip was shorter than we originally had planned,
but it was a great overnight at the beginning of the season.
We had both the campsite and the lakes completely to ourselves, and did get to see the sun for a bit at the beginning of both days.

Dan, Rachel, and Brendon at Elbow lake, 2km in.

North face of Mount Rae, from along the trail.

Lower Tombstone lake and shoreline rubble

Rachel in front of the upper cirque.

Dan and Brendon climbing up some talus. Tombstone Mountain casts an imposing backdrop.

Rachel going into lower Tombstone lake. That is ice you see on the surface.
Neither of the guys could be persuaded to join :).

Brendon, Dan, and Rachel along desolation flat on the way back. Unknown mountains in background.
Shortly after this, a massive thunderstorm rolled in through the valley at back in this picture, Echoing throughout the valley. Very cool

Photos taken by Brendon and Rachel.

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