Pneuma Rock Climbing Trip
a rock climbing trip in the Ghost River Wilderness with Pneuma in October of 2003

The first day we set up camp and went climbing a short distance away.
On the second day we did a scramble of Black Rock Mountain.

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The first day we drove across the empty Ghost river to Phantom Crag mountain, and hiked up a short distance.
The area is great for sport climbing, and we tried out a couple different routes at a grade of 5.8ish.
The Ghost River Wilderness is just NE of Banff National Park, and from where we were you can actually walk
across the border as far as Lake Minnewanka.

The Buttress of Phantom Crag under which we climbed.

Cairn and cutline marking the entrance to Banff National Park.

Out group at the base of cliffs on the way in.

Greg sets the route.

Harnessing up.

Amanda at the top of the climb.

Looking down from above.

Greg belays Dave up to change the route.

Dave spots Coralee bouldering nearby.

After our overnight at the well-used but unofficial campground, day two was for summitting.
Black Rock Mountain is a hike/easy scramble to a neat peak on the edge of the mountains.

Black Rock Mountain from the trailhead.

Rachel and Amanda halfway up.

Dave, one of our leaders.

Cindy heading around the back of the rock band under the plateau

Neat pinnacles below the cliffband.

Rhonda, Amanda, Coralee, Cindy, Rachel, and Dave on the way up.

Amanda takes a break with Devil's Head behind.

Rachel sitting on the prairie to east.

Group on the summit.

The old fire lookout.

Rachel, Amanda, and the view north.

Lunch on the plateau.

Cooling off. :)

Photos taken by Amanda, Rachel, and others.

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