Gargantua Cave
These are from a caving trip I did with Pneuma.

We drove down to the Crowsnest Pass, backpacked up about a kilometre and camped on the Andy Good Plateau.
We took some time practicing rappelling in anticipation of five pitches in the cave.
On the second day, we hiked up over the saddle to the face of Mount Ptolemy and entered Gargantua cave through the middle access.
The Gargantua cave system is 6001' in length and 286' deep according to the Journal of Subterranean Metaphysics.
It is the ninth longest, and eleventh deepest cave in North America
The majority of the cave consists of massive alleys and tunnels, but the only exit is through a tunnel some fifteen feet long, and one or two feet high.
The passage ends by pushing through a bit of icy rock and under a waterfall to come out of the mountainside, considerably lower than where you started.

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It took some serious off-roading to get even to the point from which we backpacked up. -View out the side of the car...

A view down the valley partway up.

One of the many random gorges in the plateau from which we rappelled.

Looking up the mountain from a little ways from the campsite.
We went over the shoulder to far left of the peak.

On the way back from the cave looking down to the campsite and valley beyond.

Rachel in "name of cave bit?"

Photos taken by Rachel.

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