Healy Pass
a dayhike into the beautiful Healy Meadows with an excellent view.

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We hiked the not-so-interesting trail up to Healy Pass, and broke into the meadows in full bloom.

Adam, Jenny, Rachel, Brendon, and Amanda at the creek crossing.

Jenny, Rachel, and Amanda cool off in the creek.

Brendon pulls out his flute in the wildflower meadow.

The Monarch, looking across the meadows.

At the bottom of the meadows, we left the trail for a while to wander towards the tarn in the distance.
It turned out to be little more than a slough, but we found a little waterfall off in the middle of nowhere.

Jen and Adam take a break in the rocky hillside.

Rachel and Jen climb up to a nice rocky overlook.

The waterfall.

Closer view of Brendon and the falls.

We continued on to the pass, and walked a bit up the Ramparts for better views.

Brendon and the view back to The Monarch and Healy Meadows.

Egypt Lake and Mount Haiduk across the pass.

Group photo at the pass with the Egypt area behind.

Amanda, Rachel, and Brendon eat lunch.

Path through the meadows on our return.

Photos taken by Brendon, Adam, and Rachel.

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