Headwall Lakes
These are from a hike I did with the CSC Trekkers group.

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Next-valley neighbour to popular Chester Lake, the Headwall lakes trail is an awesome hike with scenery across the full scale -
lakes, waterfalls, meadows, scree slopes and jagged peaks. This hike is also a great starting point to summit The Fortress
Starting just off highway 743, you follow colour-coded ski trails before breaking off and heading up the valley.
The trail up the valley remains on grass, but skirts bands of scree and passes two awesome waterfalls. A nice, out-and-back trail.

Headwall Lakes group.

Climbing a rock while waiting for others.

Scree traversed by the trail.

Last skinny strip of real grassy vegetation approaching the treeline.

Pretty wildflowers.

The mesmerizing first headwall lake, clear as glass.

Close-up of the waterfall between the upper and lower headwall lakes

Closer view of the lower headwall lake with The Fortress in background

Nice waterfall just off the trail partway up

Keith and a cutthroat.

Most of the group overlooking the trail up, from the upper lake

Closer view down the valley.

Rachel above the lower lake.

Photos taken by Rachel and Keith Braun.

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