Rangers Backpacking Photos
These are from a backpacking trip I did with the remnants of my Rangers group.

We picked the trail at random off a website's commendation, and we lucked out like anything.

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On the first day we hiked the 13km through Healy Pass to the Egypt Lake campground.
Healy Pass - awesome. Campground - don't revisit unless as a base for further travel.
While Catherine hung around camp on the second day, Rachel and I hiked a brief 3.5km across the border to Natalco Lake in BC.
The third day, we hiked back out the same way - that 3km, 355m elevation gain between the lake and the pass is more painful than you'd think!

Rachel (K), Catherine and Rachel (O) at the point of the hike in where you finally break through the trees into the meadows.
7km of slogging in, we needed that view - 'The Monarch' in the background.
The creek at the side is a tributary to Healy creek. Great water bottle refiller.

Rachel (me) on the ridge south of Healy Pass with Egypt (lower) and Scarab (upper) lakes in the background beneath Haiduk peak.

Rachel (K) and Rachel (O) just through the pass looking out at the same view.

Rachel (K) in front of Natalco Lake with Rachel falls cascading from above.
(technically the falls receive the same name as the lake, but hey - didn't say so on our map, and if they have no name...)

Photos taken by Rachel.

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