Pneuma Backpacking Photos
An overnight trip to the forks campground

The hike in was very short, but it was a gorgeous day, and the scenery is excellent.

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The trail runs high along the shore of Upper Kananaskis Lake, and continues a little up the valley past.

We hiked the Three Isle Lake trail along the north shore of Upper Kananaskis Lake and beyond to the Forks campground for 7.2km.
After setting up camp we hiked a km or two further, but gave up due to thigh-high snow before reaching Three Isle Lake.

The whole group of us at the trailhead. The trail curves around the right shore of the lake and in through the trees.
The impressive Mount Lyautey is seen in the background.

Me on the way in. We skirted across moraines surrounding this lake before cutting into the forest.
The foremost mountain across the lake is the North end of Mount Sarrail, while Mount Sarrail proper and Mount Foch are seen further back.

Me again, further along the trail at one of the many stream crossings where we stopped for lunch.
Nice place, but the bugs liked it too...

Photos taken by Rachel.

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